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  • Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council Weekly Newsletter
    Posted On: Feb 28, 2018

    Janus v. AFSCME is on the docket today in the United States Supreme Court.  This case has the potential to cripple our public-sector unions, which make up the majority of represented workers in the United States. Across the country, it is doom and gloom in conference rooms in the ivory towers of organized labor, but if we look at our history we know that workers will rise up in the face of oppression. Union density was highest in America before the National Labor Relations Act. So don’t fret family, just repeat after me: “You can have my union card when you pry it from my cold dead hand.” In Solidarity, Ashley Hawkins



    The CLC has voted to sponsor ten delegates to take AFL-CIO Building Twitter Power Webinar training! Even if you don’t have a Twitter account but are willing to commit to 7 training courses, doing a little homework and ready to strengthen the NC union movement with some bad ass cat-5 level twitter storm action, please sign up! If you are interested email Scott Thrower at sthrower@ibew379.org



    West Virginia Teachers are on strikebut they are not just on strike, they are on strike even though they are not allowed to strike. They are on strike even though they have no collective bargaining rights.  They are a shining example of worker self-organization in the face of a legal system that hinders worker organizing, in stead of allowing workers a voice.


    Video News You Can Use:  Check out this video from AJ+ and use it to convince your union hating friends and family why American workers need in unions in 11 minutes and 36 seconds! (language warning tho y’all)



    The March CLC meeting will be held Thursday, March 29th at the IBEW Hall.  1900 Cross Beam Drive, Charlotte NC.  Executive board to meet at 6:00pm. Meeting at 7:00pm.  Dinner provided. 

    This change is due to the NC AFL CIO Executive Board retreat scheduled on our regular meeting date, the majority of our own Executive Board will be in attendance. At this meeting we will elect two vacant Trustee seats.



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