Class Scheduel has Changed

| January 24, 2017 | Reply

Due to some conflicts on the schedule, some class have been moved from the previous class schedule. Please take note on the list below.

IBEW LU 379 Class Schedule


·     January 21st (Saturday) New Code of Excellence (8AM to 3PM)

·     January 24th (Tuesday) FDS Mod 3 (5PM to 8PM)

·     January 31st (Tuesday) FDS Mod 4 (5PM to 8PM)

·     February 4th (Saturday) FDS Mod 5+6 (8AM to 3PM)

·     February 11th (Saturday) New Code of Excellence (8AM to 3 PM)

·     February 21st (Tuesday) FDS Mod 7 (5PM to 8PM)

·     February 25th (Saturday) New Code of Excellence (8-3PM)

·     February 28th (Tuesday) FDS Mod 8 (5PM to 8PM)

·     March 7th (Tuesday) FDS Mod 9 (5PM to 8PM)

·     March 14th (Tuesday) FDS Mod 10 (5PM to 8PM)

·     March 18th (Saturday) FDS Mod 11+12 (8AM to 3PM)

·     March 21st (Tuesday) FDS Mod 13 (5PM to 8PM)

·     March 25th (Saturday) New Code of Excellence (8AM to 3PM)

·     March 28th (Tuesday) FDS Mod 14 (5PM to 8PM)

·     April 1st (Saturday) FDS Mod 15+16 (8AM to 3PM)


To sign up for any of these class please call Carol at 704.455.4595 Ext 1 to put you name down.

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